Celebration Chamber Orchestra

This year (2023) I would like to celebrate my birthday with a special concert to make one of my musical dreams come true. As most of you know I have been writing music for different projects that include a string-quartet for many years. In addition to a recording with Lee Konitz in 2004 and several other activities it led eventually to the founding of the wonderful group “Chamber9” in 2019 for which i write all the arrangements (Chamber9music.com)

My musical ideas always included the wish to extend this ensemble to a small Chamber-Orchestra, by adding a Woodwind-Quintet.

I started writing arrangements for this a while ago (just for myself) and decided to present my efforts in December this year (10.12.) to celebrate my birthday, music and friendship.

I asked some amazing and celebrated woodwind players to extend my beloved “Chamber9” ensemble to form the “Celebration Chamber Orchestra”. I couldn’t be more happier to have this select group of outstanding and experienced musicians to play for you on Sunday, December 10th in The Hague, (16h – 18h) in the “Barthkapel”.

To make it all possible I need to raise a bit of financial support, which I will use to compensate the efforts of these wonderful musicians. Therefore I created a fundraising event. It is also possible to donate directly to my bank-account, or buy a ticket via Eventbrite.

The generated funds will go to my fellow musicians and cover for some additional expenses. My personal reward lies in these great musicians playing my music as beautiful as they always do and organize this happy gathering with friends and fans!

Any donation is welcome and highly appreciated. A donation of 35 euro and above p.p. (via the crowdfunding or to my bank account) will grant you the entrance to the concert on December 10th and the following little birthday party which we will have after the concert. That amount is also the entrance fee via Eventbrite. Of course I keep track of all the incoming donations and will put you on the audience/guest list for December 10th.

If you are able and willing to give more, that would be wonderful and very helpful, you can do this via the crowdfunding or my personal bank account. For me it is the greatest birthday present ever to gather with these musicians and play music just for the sake of creating something that I believe is worthwhile and entertaining. “Profoundness in Lightness” is my motto and Jazz as almost no other music is able to communicate this perfectly in my humble opinion.

The program consists of two sets of approx. 40 minutes, celebrating great Jazz-Tunes in colourful arrangements.

I hope you can help me to make my birthday wish come true. After the concert I will share video footage and audio files as a souvenir of the event.

Please forward this invitation to anyone who you think could be interested in either coming to the concert or making a donation.

Donation channels:

Fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/f/axels-birthday-the-celebration-chamber-orchestra (don’t use the tip function on gofundme, put slider to 0)

Tickets: via Eventbrite

Axel’s personal account: (Iban) NL54 ABNA 0552 7959 92 (AW Hagen)

The lineup of the “Celebration Chamber Orchestra” is as follows:

Sanna van Vliet – vocals
Pauline Oostenrijk – oboe
Remi Kazukauskas – flute
Jan Smit – Clarinet
Frank Timpe – bass/contrabass clarinet
Janire de Paz Rivas – french horn
Axel Hagen – guitar
Michael Arlt – guitar
Thomas W.Andersen – bass
Joan Terol Amigo – drums
Víctor Flores – violin
Ángela Moya – violin
Michael Klier – viola
Cèlia Torres – cello

all arrangements by Axel Hagen

Thank you kindly for your attention, feel free to contact me for more details and/or questions

Axel Hagen