About Ronnie’s Guitar

I received these pictures from Ronnie’s sister Joyce. It was such a surprise that the guitar is still with us and in the hands of Ronnie’s family. I am very thankful to Joyce, that I am able to publish these pictures. (click on the thumbnails)

Notes on Ronnie’s guitar and amp

Ronnie’s guitar as can be seen on the pictures is peculiar mix of what seems to be a 16inch ES-150 with appointments from the illustrious ES-250.It is hard to say whether this was custom made for him or another customer.

These details might be forever lost, but the guitar is the most unique one I have ever seen, being a custom ES-150. Maybe this article can also provide some enlightenment about this instrument for guitar historians and collectors. As I said earlier the guitar is still in family possession and is not available for sale.

On one of the pictures we can see the outline of an EH-185 amplifier, of course we do not know what he used later, but to me it sounds like this classic combination of ES-150/EH-150 or EH-185, which is well know from recordings of Charlie Christian, Jimmy Raney, Rene Thomas and Jimmy Gourley