Jazz course – feb/march 2016 at www.prins.27.nl

I am planning a new course about Jazz music, starting on Monday 29.02.2016.
The course consists of 4 meetings on consecutive Monday night’s
at www.prins27.nl, the dates are 29.02, 07.03, 14.03 and 21.03.
The fee for the course is 60,- euro’s for the whole course or
20,- euro’s per individual session.
If you want to join this new course,
you can let me know by sending an email through this website.
Please pass this message on to friends or people you know who might be
interested. I would need a minimum of 6 participants to make
it worth while doing. The course is accompanied by pdf files and music files
which can be downloaded through my server.
The theme’s planned for the individual evenings are:

29.02.2016 – A short history of Jazz through great solos
07.03.2016 – The roots of Jazz in African and European music
14.03.2016 – Jazz instruments and the most important performers
21.03.2016 – The Art of Improvisation

I am trying to cover the most interesting and important aspects of this great music, called Jazz.
As you know, there is lot’s of room for questions and open discussion. General musical knowledge is
not necessary, just interest in deepening your understanding of music.