You can order CD’s through Itunes (the links is provided in the audio page),
or by contacting me  (payment is possible through paypal)
I will charge for the CD and the shipping.

If you want to buy a CD through me please send me an email through the contact page and
we will arrange shipping and payment.
Thank you for being interested in my music.

regards Axel Hagen

Publications on AxelHagenMusic:

AHM 001. Axel Hagen-Olaf Tarenskeen Quartet –  “Another Day At The Office” (available soon)

AHM 002. Axel Hagen-Paolo Birro Duo  – “Verona Sessions” (recorded in august 2018, to be released in Jan.2019)

AHM 003. Songs and Bows  – “Tales of Songs and Bows” (recorded in september 2018, to be released in early 2019)