Trio: van Vliet-Hagen-Plomp



A hard swinging trio around vocalist and pianist Sanna van Vliet, supported by Axel Hagen on guitar and Johan Plomp on bass.

This wonderful small group follows in the tradition of famous drum less groups like the Art Tatum Trio, Nat King Cole Trio, Oscar Peterson Trio with a contemporary approach to improvisation and repertoire and the added bonus of a virtuoso vocalist and pianist.

Besides the strong relationship to musical tradition, this group  creates a very personal, selfstanding sound around the vocal artistry of Sanna and the harmonic and rhythmic support of Axel and Johan.  

The double role of Sanna as a vocalist and (great) piano player allows the group to display various, rich textured arrangements.  

The trio has a deep mutual understanding of what they want to play and how they want to sound and this is reflected in the enthusiasm and fun with which they play together. There is a lot of room for improvisation and interplay between vocals, piano, guitar and bass. 

Stylistically you can find music from many different area’s of modern jazz in the groups repertoire. Since all members are also prolific composers and arrangers, they play very interesting original compositions next to great songs from the american songbook. 

Sanna has performed with Axel Hagen since her early Conservatory days in The Hague. She finds his playing just wonderful, rich, swinging and harmonically deepened. They asked Johan Plomp with his thick bass sound to complete their drumless trio. Soon they will be making their first recordings.

Listen to their music here:

link to Soundcloudpage